Dennis Yost Brain Trauma Awakening Foundation

Mission Statement

1. Give God The Glory!

2. Build awareness for “Serious Brain Trauma” (SBT) patients.

3. Educate how “Critical Immediate Aftercare Therapy” is to the overall outcome of the patient.

Currently, follow up treatment is non-existent! There are only a handful of specialized treatment centers in the USA, while SBT is the #1 killer and disabler of people ages 1-44 in this country.

Our projected goal is to build a state of the art medical facility specializing in evaluation and subsequently treating and recommending follow up treatment to other facilities for the severe brain trauma patient (since SBT is a lifelong condition). (refer to our schedule)

Dennis Yost, legendary recording artist and lead vocalist with the pop group “The Classics IV”, suffered from a brain trauma injury and passed on 12/07/08. He was a very deep feeling and caring man (as came across in his soulful songs). His plan was to help all those that he had met while being hospitalized himself. In this, we aim to make “Dennis’ Dream” a “Reality” with the erection of this site and foundation. The foundation will provide direction, special care, and assistance to all who suffer from this very urgent but little mentioned medical concern.

Linda Yost -Chairman